Natura Preziosa


Un lugar nunca es sólo ese lugar:

ese lugar somos en cierto modo nosotros también.


De alguna manera,

sin saberlo,

lo llevábamos dentro y un día,

por casualidad,

llegamos hasta él.


― Antonio Tabucchi



"A place is never just "that" place: that place is also us, to a certain extent, we had been carrying it within us, somehow, without knowing it - until one day, by chance, we happened upon it.We arrived on the right day or the wrong day, anything is possible, but that is not the place's responsability, it depends on us. It depends on how we read that place, on our openness to take it into ourselves and into our eyes and our souls." Antonio Tabucchi


“Places” always tell us something, sometimes on first impact, others more suggestive: we have to stop a moment to feel what they transmit to us.

“Places” of which we know nothing and catch our attention (with no explanation), places where we arrive for the first time and feel like home and wonder if in some way we've been there before, or where we feel an attunement to be explored, an unknown attraction. Or other places that, on the contrary, make you want to leave as soon as possible.


Places with a peculiar energy in itself and others where the energy intertwines with our personal histories.


Places that infuse you with wellbeing and where you can go whenever you want, or others that are further away, where you travel through your memories while awaiting when you can next return, if possible.


From paintings to jewellery I have always been interested in the concepts of place, physical or of the soul. When something is created we always “gift” something of ourselves through our style. In this project I decided to add something from the physical places of which I speak. This is how Natura preziosa was born.


What if you could wear a part of your places, those you like or that attract you?


What if you could wear a piece of the places that endear or enchant you?


Natura preziosa is a project that is continuously underway and creating unique pieces, each different and unique as the base material used is organic and each is used for a single jewel. As for the technical/style part, it is divided in two phases: one where I work with the base material

melted in silver and another more experimental where I work on the organic part applying an antique japanese laquer technique and work on the metal using traditional techniques.